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Teresa, Sabah and Pakatan’s Demise

Teresa, Sabah and Pakatan’s Demise

Teresa Kok is in the limelight once more almost immediately after the nation stood still while Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh vacated his seat. The manoeuvre has propelled yet another by-election as the nation barely recovers from GE13. Something seemed amiss when Anwar announced his candidacy, despite a vehement denial by the Opposition Leader days earlier of a bid to wrest Kajang.

A couple of days back, I had written on Teresa’s disregard for nationalism as she disregarded sensitivities of the next of kin to our fallen heroes, martyred defending our nation during the Sabah standoff. Her CNY parody circuitously alluded to the insurgency as she mocked the Government’s attempt at promoting Sabah to tourists.

Ironically, her comrades were in arms defending the satire while obstinately and subtly endorsing her rights to freedom of expression. I for one, advocate to such liberties, but remained bewildered at the extent of hypocrisy being publicly displayed by Kit Siang and Guan Eng, who, along with their proxies, were recalcitrant in fending off criticisms. Just about any sensible person watching the video could immediately tell apart various insinuations to issues being spun, particularly by the DAP, in recent days.

Granted, that public satire is a form of expression that shouldn’t be curtailed. But freedom of speech comes with a price, which includes accountability and responsibility to the interests of our nation and the harmony it represents. For an elected member of parliament to come forth hampering efforts in promoting Sabah tourism is in itself contemptible and puts Teresa’s motives into question. But the DAP seems somewhat brash as they cloak themselves amidst ambiguous ‘supporters’ within cyber spheres who seem to resonate to their tone.

So just who is Teresa Kok, and why do I get the feeling that the parody was in fact a put up job aimed at averting attention from criticisms hurled at Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar, in particular? It seems quite apparent, that the DAP had in fact been dragged into the mud by Anwar as he vied for the Kajang seat, using the rakyat and the Selangor state assembly as leverage in manipulating circumstances to his advantage. That’s right; pending the outcome of Sodomy 2, Anwar seems bent on using Kajang as a platform for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which includes fending off a possible conviction by pressuring the government, a move he possibly believes to hold merits.

Tony Pua’s recent outcry wasn’t what some may consider a spin; rather, the DAP comrade was resonating a reality the DAP and PKR faces. As Anwar plunges deeper into despair given the backlash he received from the people, PKR possibly is at a crossroad as it contemplates a possible collapse in Kajang. As Pua put it, Kajang may be a dead end not only for Anwar, but PKR as a whole, a notion shared by Rafizi of PKR. Indications are rife; Anwar’s inauguration of PKR’s machinery on February the 3rd witnessed a dull crowd cramped in a moderately sized hall, a stark contrast to his Stadium rallying days a couple of months back.

Criticisms heaved on me as I prophesized a PR debacle has been on the wane since; Anwar's ceramah on the 6th of February heralded a possible doom, attended by a mere 300 persons (you read right; 300, not 30,000), some of whom walked out midway. The development trotted out a possible trend to the catastrophic decline in support. Believe me, the comment sections in blogs or news portals hardly reflect sentiments abound, as they stem from paid Pakatan advocates or a diminishing quadrant to post GE 13 dissidents, a contention I had articulated previously in another article.

Teresa seems likely a DAP trump card, ushered in to ruffle feathers with the BN each time the opposition hits a snag. On October 9, 2008, Kok filed a RM30 million defamation suit against Utusan Melayu (M) Sdn. Bhd. and its editor over an article entitled ‘azan’. Both factions then retracted suits and counter suits later in November, as they reached a settlement which prompted Utusan to withdraw its suit against Teresa over a ‘dog food’ remark made by her.

Accordingly, Teresa had claimed that food served to her during her incarceration in ISA was similar to dog food, but went on to accuse Utusan of manipulating her words, vehemently denying uttering them. Now, here comes the best part; Teresa succumbed to pressure as Utusan filed a suit against her, and admitted to making the remark, which brings me to my point; her theatrics of pretence is nothing new to political spheres, as she minces her words and blatantly dismisses fault while denigrating authorities with her theatrics. Thus the CNY parody, which belittled our fallen heroes and their next of kin, as the DAP probably sought desperately to conceal a possible Pakatan Rakyat debacle.

Wrote by Raggie Jessy

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