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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who is Raja Petra Kamarudin ....?

by Aizley Shahar

 Who is RPK ?

A son to a Malay royal elite that worked all his life in UK. His father, Raja  Kamarudin Raja Tun Uda is a prince, a nephew of the late Sultan of Selangor.  His grandfather was the first Governor of Penang.   All his family  members are well respected people in the country, from Civil servant to private sectors.  I actually knew his nephew, a roommate of mine during my schooling in the Royal Military College, who is a doctor now, serving in England.  Anyway, Pete's mother is English and he himself married to a Thai Chinese... so, i guess, his son, Raja Azman, although has a royalty name (Raja)... is actually about 25% of Malay in many other royalty in Malaysia.  It is royalties like Pete who gives the Royal family a bad name, and to date, the Present Sultan of Selangor apparently disowned him from the Selangor Royal family line.

To me and probably many other typical Malay in the street, we actually couldn't careless for this character RPK or Pete...and we didn't know of him until he came out in the newspaper on being charge on the Internal Security Acts (ISA).  This is similar to the United States's Homeland Security Act, where the Home Ministry can detained anyone up to 24 months without court order if to their reasoning that the person or organization is detrimental and is a threat to the peaceful society.

RPK however, is quite liked by the non-malays, later on i found out that he was writing seditious accusations of the present government of Malaysia, in everything, don't really know why and don't really care... a gossip monger and a master of make believe conspirator, an anti establishment and is a tool by the opposition party thru his Malaysiakini and also Malaysia Today website.  I guess now that Pete has to keep on writing since that is actually footing his bills of his posh lifestyle....

RPK has flee Malaysia since middle last year and believed to be staying in a posh condo in an elite suburb in London.  He is also believe to be sponsored by a person that was closed  to the previous Govt Prime Minister and his Oxford-Graduate cum Head of UMNO Youth scum Son-in-law.....

From what i gather from his writing, Anwar Ibrahim had promised him that when Anwar becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia by October 2009, who is actually his senior in Malay College Kuala Kangsar,  promise to pardon Pete and bring him home as a Hero of the People, which we all know  now that is a scam, The only PM that Anwar gonna do in the near future is cleaning the prison toilet...!!  so tough luck Pete !  you are stuck until such time the Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya... Well, good luck to you.!  I think you better start thinking to use your English Passport and probably plan to die there also because that ain't gonna happen in your life time..!

However, contrast to him being RPK, his second born son, Raja Azman is a petty thief !... can you believe that ?... who got caught trying to steal a motorbike in his hometown, omg, i mean, the amount of money that he can get from stealing the motorbike probably can't even buy daddy and mommy's lunch in London !... while his parents is happily wining and dining, the boy is in Malaysian Jail...
We just got news that the son is so depressed that he tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrist and by swallowing razor blades.... talk about parents ditching their children, RPK gives a whole new meaning to "throwing away offspring !"  Don't be writing to defined that the rest of the world is there to get you...please la Pete, be a man once in your life time... You should have taken Megat Najmuddin's offer...

RPK, my advise to you, stop being a jerky father and come back and take care of your  son before you start saying bad things about other people...Maybe this is Allah is paying you "cash" of all your sins, why don't you come back home and redeemed yourself...

* This article is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The blog owner does not endorse the view unless specified.

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