Monday, March 1, 2010

A Fairy Tale

commentary: Capt Iskandar is probably a fake name too... well, if not, he is probably one of the most ungrateful chap around.... I mean, a captain, I assume if he is Pilot, presumably, he got scholarship from MAS, ie owned by Govt... ie got the Malay Quota for his pilot training.... so, you yourself is the product of NEP... unless, your parents paid for your pilot training... which is highly unlikely... this are the clowns that talk about equal right but they really forgot where they actually came from...

"Kacang lupakan kulit...."

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Ketuanan Melayu is a fable. It does not exist.
By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain
76 Malay NGOs form new council

KUALA LUMPUR: Seventy-six Malay non-governmental organisations yesterday joined forces to form a consultative council, Majlis Perundingan NGO Melayu (MPM), to defend Malays rights and Islam in the country.
What a noble effort! I almost choked on my breakfast, coming across this article in The Star.
Ketuanan Melayu is a fable. It does not exist. It is just a fairy tale. The champions of these Rights are still living in a make believe world. Malaysia, however is real, and is a potpourri of diverse races. Why is there a consensus to champion one particular race. Is Malay domination on the verge of collapse? We dominate in numbers, but not in intellect, or economic might.
Why are they fighting for Malay Rights? Why not fight for Malaysian rights? Why not stop the racial rot, and hold hands with the rest of the nation, to forge a unity, that will ensure a prosperous nation? Slogans like this makes others feel that they are racially biased, greedy for more, while declining to share. Intellectually stunted, fanatical. Nobody really believes that they are fighting for race and religion. Even the Malays do not believe them.
If Malay NGOs want to champion Malay Rights, they have to study the problem in depth and identify the cause of Malay failure, and really what is slowing down the Malays from advancing against the others. Lead them out from their coconut shell, and show them a brave new world out there. Teach them about other people's culture, and to respect other religions, and be humble before God. Encourage Malays to be bilingual or multilingual. It is a fact that knowledge of an extra language is a plus factor.
Malays have fought hard to eke out a living, in rural areas which lack economic potential, just to earn a living and self respect. Over the years they have carved a life for themselves and their families. They thank God everyday for their blessed existence.
Then all this self respect is blown away by some people purportedly championing for their rights. They still want others to see that Malays are weak, in need of subsidies, and unable to stand on their own two feet. Is it a wonder, that after all the years of sweet talk, Malays are turning slowly away from BN. These NGOs talk as if there is no tomorrow, and at the same time making a laughing stock of the dominant Malays.
What subsidies are they talking about? A few thousand scholarships a year, for hundreds of thousands of Malay students? Fertilizer subsidy for Malay farmers? Are non-Malay farmers exempt from fertilizer subsidy? A bloated civil service that continues to employ Malays, that cannot fit in to society, or lack the social skills to fit into the private sector? Repairing rural roads before a major election is not enough. So, that is why the rural kampongs remain as rural kampongs in Malaysia while the rest of the world, their kampongs are turning into modern suburbs, and their villagers, intellectually more advanced than us.
And with 80 organizations joining the consultative council, it only paves the way for a radical approach, and completely destroying all hope for a united race.
It is definitely not good news. At a time when this nation needs to bond, organizations like these are tearing at the fabric of unity. At least the others are clever enough not to form a consultative council for Non-Malay Rights.
It is totally in contrast to Najib's 1Malaysia - acceptance of racial unity and not just tolerance. Why is the government,not lifting a finger to neutralize such blatant disregard for 1Malaysia?
Sincerely, we should stop all this nonsense, and concentrate on more fruitful causes, like uniting the country together, to combat outside enemies. Forming a consultative council is like fighting a psychological war ... no sorry! ... a psychotic war with an unseen enemy, or an imagined enemy. The threat to Race and Religion is only perceived, and these people have a really poor perception. True Muslims, when they speak, we can see from their body language that they are true believers, like Tok Guru for instance. That is why he commands a lot of respect from other Malays.
True Malays shake their heads at this circus of clowns, which keeps on shouting Malay Rights, although they know it is all hogwash. Such untruth keeps on surfacing and the Malay folk is made to look like fools.
Many years ago, Malaysians were united and it was an acceptable fact. Today, racial unity is only tolerated because the government refuses to wipe out the political opportunists that try so hard to create disunity. They lie through their teeth about potential racial conflicts and still hope that the Rakyat will believe them. They make the Malay look small, make them look stupid, make others think that Malays are still surviving on crutches. What else is further from the truth!?
These politicians have tasted the forbidden fruit, and are addicted to easy riches; and still they use the Malay Race as an excuse to further their deceit and to strengthen their hold on power.
They purportedly fight for Religion; but the words that spew forth from their mouths makes even an atheist shudder. The biggest threat to Muslims is not from other religions, but from Muslims themselves. Shiite teachings, Al Arqam, and other deviant teachings, are the ones that divide the Muslims, and not other religions. There is no threat to Islam in this country. Every available opportunity is used to build suraus and mosques, and the population of Muslims is growing at a healthy rate.
We always thought of politicians as wise people, genuinely interested in serving the nation and its people. And we are really disappointed when we see through their sheepskin and their moronic decisions to determine policy.

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